In the criminal procedure, there is a complainant, an allegation and an accusation, a defendant and an accused, yet no sentence and sentenced, i.e. no definite judgment and a convict. This situation is a result of the "presumption of innocence", one of the fundamental principles of law. The presumption of innocence means that a person who is being prosecuted due to a criminal charge is guilty until his guilt is established by a court decision.

Since its foundation, Ekşioğlu Law Office has been practicing criminal law among as one of its primary practice areas. Our experienced lawyers represent their clients with great diligence and attention at every stage of the process from the beginning of investigation until the end of the prosecution. Our office carries out its works in every area of the criminal law efficiently, and has achieved to be a recognized name with its work mentality, approach to its clients, and experience.

Within this frame, our Crime and Criminal Procedure Law Department, with its team of lawyers including academics, and following the universal principles of law, specializes in criminal law and offers efficient and quick solutions in investigation and prosecution procedures, complaints and lawsuits.With years of experiencein this field, successful handling of hundreds of legal problems whilst practicing a wide and detailed accumulation of knowledge and a strong grasp of legislations and case-law, and the value attributed to human rights and fundamental freedoms we provide our clients with a meticulous, result-oriented, successful, fast and efficient service.
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