Covid-19 pandemic suspends enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings

After the emergence of new socio-economic conditionsin our country due to COVID-19 pandemic spreading all over the world and classified as “very risky” by the World Health Organization, a Presidential Decision No. 2279 waspublished in the Official Gazette dated March 22, 2020 and numbered 31076 ruling for the suspension of all enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings currently carried out throughout the country with the exception of enforcement proceedings concerning alimony receivables,and under this scope, for not carrying out legal proceedings and not accepting requests for new enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings and for not executingthe decisions for provisional attachments from 22.03.2020 until 30.04.2020. Pursuant to the article 330 titled “Suspension in Emergency Cases” of the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law No. 2004, execution proceedings may be suspended for a certain period of time by a Presidential decision in case of epidemics. Execution and bankruptcy proceedings shallcontinue from the point where they were suspended, unless decided otherwise, beginning from the date of 01.05.2020 based on theannouncement made bythe Department of Enforcement Proceedings of the Turkish Ministryof Justice in compliance with the above-mentioned Presidential Decision.
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