Our services include managing every stage of the establishment procedures of national and international companies, preparation of articles of association of corporation, performance of mergers and acquisitions procedures, execution of confidentiality agreements, preparation of all kinds of business reports regarding corporate debts, receivables, legal disputes. We work on offering services for periodic review of any contract made within the frame of business operations in any type of entrepreneurship, supply, credit, partnership and the like.
As Ekşioğlu Law Office, we offer consulting services to local and foreign clients for the execution of their commercial contracts according to their company policies and objectives within the frame of both national and international legislations, for review and preparation of their contracts of joint venture, memorandum of understanding, investment, franchising, distributorship, leasing, letter of credit, and insurance. We provide solutions for their problems in the fastest and most effective way possible with our academic support in any commercial case, including those arising from contract disputes.





Our key principle is to ensure that our client collects its debt in the fastest and most efficient way possible with the lowest cost. We provide consulting and litigation services to collect the debts of local and foreign companies and real persons in Turkey.
Our highly qualified team provides consulting services and legal assistance to companies, institutions, and individuals for any type of their enforcement and bankruptcy procedures, as well as the follow-up of enforcement procedures and claims, debt collection, attachment, cautionary attachment, pledge, mortgage transactions, organization of amicable meetings between debtors and creditors, postponement of bankruptcy cases. We also offer debt follow-up via our call center before the initiation of legal proceedings, with integrated system and reporting services for class action lawsuits.







As Ekşioğlu Law Office, we offer consulting and litigation services within the scope of protection of real and legal persons before public administration such as filing of annulment and full remedy actions, cancellation of Public Procurement Authority decisions, filing of annulment actions against the acts of ministries, public legal entities, municipalities and administrations, attending settlement meetings within the scope of expropriation decisions and bringing legal actions before the administrative court, filing legal actions against the regulatory acts of the administration, and the completion of necessary permits and applications before public authorities during the establishment of foreign and local companies.
In the light of updated legislations, we provide legal consulting and litigation services to our real or legal person clients with our employees for the problems they experienced in Tax Law, performance of settlement processes prior to a lawsuit, preparation cases where legal action is required, cancellation of tax penalties and correction requests.







As Ekşioğlu Law Office, our primary objective is to ensure that necessary measures are taken prior to the occurrence of a dispute, and if a dispute has arisen, to ensure that it is resolved in the best possible way through the use of legal instruments.

The services we offer in this area are as follows:

• Review and amendment of company regulations/policies
• Review and amendment of contracts
• Consultation for collective labor agreement negotiations and union relations
• Migration law (residence and work permits, special visas)
• Mutual rescission contracts, risk assessments for termination of labor contract
• Resolution of disputes concerning workers' claims and re-employment lawsuits
• Services for ensuring that the measures and inspections required within the frame of occupational safety are in place
• legal and criminal litigation related to work accidents






With our experienced team in the Real Estate Law, we offer consulting and litigation services both to our national and international clients, in a wide range of areas, including, but not limited to:
• Flat for land construction contracts
• Follow-up of adaptation actions
• Disputes and tax liabilities arising out of expropriation operations
• Leasing contracts
• Actions for eviction in real estate rentals
• Purchase and sale  
• Carrying out of all necessary procedures before the government and the governmental agencies
• Preparation of contracts for sale and transfer of real estate properties, preparation of preliminary sales, preemption and other project development contracts
• Renting out of real estate properties, establishment of limited real rights such as usufruct or residence on properties; establishment of a lien and mortgage.





Banking Law consists of legal rules that regulate the establishment, organization, primary areas of activity, supervision and termination of banks.
We provide local and international legal consulting and litigation services, primarily in disputes arising from Banking Law and Capital Markets Law, and in areas such as auditing of savings, loan contracts and existing contracts made by the Banking Association, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, and Savings Deposit Insurance Fund, and performance of legal transactions related to leasing and factoring contracts, mortgage and lien transactions, and practices of the Capital Markets Board.

Within the scope of the services provided by banks, especially via their Internet and mobile applications, we provide legislation support with regard to ensuring customer security, and assessment of legal measures against fraud and forgery by means of credit cards, Internet and phone banking.





Today, as a result of the rapid growth of the insurance industry, the legal problems arising from the insurance practice have also increased. In the insurance practice, we offer legal consulting and litigation services such as determination of whether or not the risk has occurred and whether this situation is covered by the insurance; the degree of fault and its impact on the contract; if a claim is paid, its recourse to third parties, and the like.
Our staff specialized in Insurance Law provides support to the insurance companies, reassurance companies, the insured, and other policy beneficiaries on accidents, damages, liabilities, transportation, credit and financial risks, health, retirement and life insurances, primarily in accordance with the Insurance Law and Turkish Commerical Code, and associated statutes, regulations and communiques; and follows up the lawsuit processes for the resolution of all kind of disputes, and offer consulting services.





In the criminal procedure, there is a complainant, an allegation and an accusation, a defendant and an accused, yet no sentence and sentenced, i.e. no definite judgment and a convict. This situation is a result of the "presumption of innocence", one of the fundamental principles of law. The presumption of innocence means that a person who is being prosecuted due to a criminal charge is guilty until his guilt is established by a court decision.
Since its foundation, Ekşioğlu Law Office has been practicing criminal law among as one of its primary practice areas. Our experienced lawyers represent their clients with great diligence and attention at every stage of the process from the beginning of investigation until the end of the prosecution. Our office carries out its works in every area of the criminal law efficiently, and has achieved to be a recognized name with its work mentality, approach to its clients, and experience.

Within this frame, our Crime and Criminal Procedure Law Department, with its team of lawyers including academics, and following the universal principles of law, specializes in criminal law and offers efficient and quick solutions in investigation and prosecution procedures, complaints and lawsuits.With years of experiencein this field, successful handling of hundreds of legal problems whilst practicing a wide and detailed accumulation of knowledge and a strong grasp of legislations and case-law, and the value attributed to human rights and fundamental freedoms we provide our clients with a meticulous, result-oriented, successful, fast and efficient service.





In the media industry developing in parallel with the technological advancements, we offer legal consulting and litigation services to several media agencies and groups, music and production companies.

The services we offer in this area are as follows:

• Preparation, amendment and execution of license, usage, work, operating contracts
• Applications against any act protected by the Law no. 5651 on Regulating Broadcasting in the Internet and Fighting Against Crimes Committed through Internet Broadcasting, and the Press Law no. 5187
• Content removal
• Establishment of a media company
• Maintaining compliance of companies with applicable laws
• Publications in the written and visual media, and compensation for possible pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages






Even though the continuous development in the IT industry brings along new products and services, it also entails complicated legal and commercial risks for our clients. Within this scope, our team of specialists in this practice provides services to our clients with in-depth knowledge and experiences for the elimination of such risks.

The services we offer in this area are as follows:

• Internet law
• Cloud services and outsourcing
• Digital and social media
• Domain names
• Right of privacy and protection of personal data
• Protection of workers' personal data
• Ensuring compliance under the Law no. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data
• E-notification
• E-signature
• Merger and acquisition transactions
• Review of associated contracts
• Associated administrative and private law actions






We offer consulting and litigation services for the preparation of necessary files with regard to any demand resulting from the requirements of the energy market and the need for energy; preparation of files required for the investments made to meet such demands; making applications to the authorities; evaluation of contracts with either public agencies or real and legal persons; in addition to the following:

• License applications carried out at EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) and other process follow-ups,
• Dealership contracts and conflicts in the oil market,
• Contracts of purchase and sale regarding energy equipment such as turbines, etc.,
• Contracts regarding electricity trade,
• Financing of energy projects,
• Contracts and conflicts regarding renewable energy production and trade,
• Contracts regarding energy efficiency,
• Conflicts concerning unfair competition in the energy market,
• International disputes in the energy market.






Within the scope of the Law no. 6502 on the Protection of the Customer, we, as Ekşioğlu Law Office, provide all kinds of legal assistance to our clients with our associates specialized in their practice areas, such as protection of consumer rights, litigation before the Consumer and Commercial Courts, resolution of the disputes resulting from defective goods and services, applications to the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems, objections to the Committee's decisions and the follow-up of such decisions.











Our experienced lawyers offer the best assistance possible in all required procedures, including registration of patents and industrial designs of foreign trademarks in Turkey, and registration of patents and industrial designs of Turkish products in foreign countries.

• Resolution of unfair disputes regarding intellectual and industrial rights
• Copyrights
• Prevention of misuse of trade secrets
• Consulting on intellectual property rights during merger and acquisition transactions
• Registration of patents and industrial designs of trademarks
• Settlement of disputes regarding intellectual and industrial rights prior to litigation






Ekşioğlu Law Office offers legal assistance for preparation of prenuptial contracts, preparation of uncontested divorce protocols, following contested divorce suits, division of property, guardianship and personal relationship assignment, alimony and alimony adaptation suits. Furthermore, we offer an efficient consulting and litigation service for the divorce decisions obtained from foreign courts, follow-up of international alimony, guardianship, adoption procedures, and immediate execution of such decisions.











Sports Law is a considerably dynamic and developing area in Turkey with increasing importance and number of legal regulations. As Ekşioğlu Law Office, we have been representing the leading names of the industry and providing all kinds of legal services to our clients for many years.

The following are among the primary services we offer to our clients:

• Resolution of possible disputes within the frame of Law no: 6222 on Prevention of Violence and Disorder in Sports, and representation of our clients
• Applications against Discipline Committees
• Prevention and elimination of possible attacks against personal rights during use of written and visual media tools
• Carrying out legal transactions of sports clubs






Ourhighly experienced team offers consulting and litigation services to local or foreign real or legal persons in Transportation Law.

The services we offer in this area are as follows:

• International Transportation
• Road, rail, air, and sea transportation
• Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road
• Damages resulting from transit and contractual disputes
• Any pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, and specific consequences due to delay
• Criminal liability arising from transportation








In order to meet the needs of our clients in the best and most righteous way, we offer strategic legal solutions in both national and international disputes.

In this sense, we offer:

• Arbitration agreement as a method of resolution in the disputes among parties
• If arbitration is sought, representation of our client and performance of necessary procedures for recognition and execution of the arbitration decisions within the frame of national and international legislations
• Requesting taking necessary measures during the arbitration stage
• Delivery of legal consulting and litigation service for resolution of disputes through mediation and holding of peace meetings






Experienced in the Corporate Law, our office provides intensive and effective consulting services for mergers, acquisitions, divisions, joint ventures, and drawing of all kinds of relevant contracts. Our office also offers legal consulting and assistance to its clients operating in different industries, and foreign entrepreneurs investing in Turkey.