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The lawful of all administrative transactions and operations and subject to legal supervision are main elements to be able to '' State of Law''. As part of State of Law, the Administration is obliged to adhere to the law and to act in accordance with general principles of law in all activities and constituted administrative procedures. Nevertheless, unlawful administrative actions and procedures that cause victimization of citizens in practice, frequently exist.

When taken into account that sanctioning power of the administration can cause severe consequences and irreparable damage; the right to protection of individuals against to Administration within the principles of law is of great importance. We serve as Eksioglu Law Office with our department consisting of expert lawyers on Administrative Law in order to prevent victimization of our clients because of the administrative proceedings or administrative actions that may be consisted as unlawful and to resolve their grievances .In this context, services on following issues are provided by our Law Office ;
The lawsuits of responsibility for the administration and compensation (full remedy)
The lawsuits with regard to cancellation of illegal administrative procedures
The administrative fines, objection processes & cancellation lawsuits
The conflicts, solutions with regard to Zoning Law & Zoning Lawsuits
The conflicts with regard to Tender Law and Tender Lawsuits
The lawsuits with regard to confiscation
The Officer lawsuits,
The student lawsuits
The Highway Traffic Lawsuits
The Lawsuits arising from the administrative agreements
Legal counseling and litigation in the fields such as the conflicts and solutions with regard to Municipal Law

In addition, individuals are guaranteed by law thanks to judicial review against to all kinds of administration transactions with regard to the tax liability. Although it has been specified in Article 73 of 1982 Constitution that everyone shall be obliged to pay taxes according to their financial strength in order to meet the public expenses; as a requirement of 'The principle of State of Law'', the requirement of tax collection that is the most important income source by state with adhering to the principles of '' justice in tax'', '' equalization in tax '' , ''legality in tax'' and ''universality in tax'' is indisputable.

It is observed that the tax disputes between the State and the taxpayer, has frequently experienced due to reasons such as tax to be for everyone, the width of the application area and frequent change of tax regulations. Regard to the fulfillment of tax obligations, sometimes taxpayers damage to the State by no showing the necessary and sufficient care and sometimes the State is able to establish erroneous and contrary to law, the administrative process the expense of the taxpayer.

Subject to the legal control of all administrative procedures enables (allows for) correction of illegal conditions as a result of error or omission and thus the requirements of State of Law can implement. Our Law Office serves to our client on resolving disputes between the State and the taxpayer, with experienced and expert staff in the field of tax law and provides consultancy services to clients , in this context provides guidance for the solution of administrative and legal steps.In this context, services on following issues are provided by our Law Office ;

The solution of tax disputes via '' reconciliation'' at administrative stage
The solution of tax disputes via '' reduction of fines'' at administrative stage
The solution of tax disputes via '' correction'' at administrative stage
The solution of tax disputes via '' lawsuit'' at judicial stage,
Tax Crimes and Penalties
Ruling Applications
Legal counseling about Tax Audit Reports and the tax / penalty notices
Legal counseling about the administrative procedures established by tax offices and fines
Legal counseling and litigation to real and legal clients about the disputes arising out Customs Law and their solution

Our tax law department that is generated by lawyers experts in their field by taking into consideration tax law and therefore structure and procedure of this legislation, provide client satisfaction by acting in order to give technical, comprehensive, and accurate service as soon as possible to clients.