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Our department of enforcement and bankruptcy law consisting of lawyers who are experts in their fields, has been established in order to perform any case and other transactions arising from the collection of any receivables with enforcement proceedings and enforcement proceedings, including receivables that are protected by international law, of individuals, companies and banks who need to legal assistance about to collect of receivables, to follow-up of other legal actions arising from bankruptcy, postponement of bankruptcy and debt enforcement law.

To start legal proceedings about receivables of individuals, companies and banks arising from different legal reasons such as current account, invoices, checks, bonds, loans, credit cards, mortgages from the market in accordance with Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law and to provide immediately enter to company account of receivables by collecting with discharging of using of legal procedures and especially attachment pressure that are necessary and extremely detailed; to connect to proof of insolvency of receivables in case of impossibility of collect occasionally emerged and thereby to try for the advantage of the company's year-end tax; are factors that constitute the working principles of our department.In this context, services on following issues are provided by our department;

Execution Proceedings Transactions Peculiar to Bills of Exchange
Mortgage, pledge transactions, put in pledge or release of pledge
Enforcement proceedings with or without judgment
Proceeding and Evacuation Procedures Related to Rent Receivable
The Proceeding Transactions by Bankruptcy , Bankruptcy Case and Postponement of Bankruptcy Procedures
Transactions (Affairs) and Lawsuits in Enforcement Courts
Objection to Execution Proceedings, Cancellation and Precedent Transactions of Execution Proceedings
The removal of the objection, the objection cancellation, negative clearance
Legal counseling and litigation in the field of lawsuits and all transactions arising from Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Our office is giving due consideration to Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law for many years; in this regard follow up closely published in national and international publications; carries out with great care lawsuit and counseling processes that is entering to this branch, of clients. For this purpose , in order to provide the most accurate service to our clients about this services in our law office, we serve with a large team consisting of experienced lawyers and execution proceedings staffs.