Türkçe İngilizce

The restructuring of our energy market and developing technology offers new opportunities every day to investors. The absence of a legal infrastructure that is currently developed ( grounded) at the market which the free market rules increasingly dominated in this market, means a great risk for investors who mean investment business. Eksioglu Energy Department minimizes this risk by qualified staff.

Our experienced team in Energy Sector serves to you on following issues:

The license applications and other process proceedings that are carried out in the presence of EMRA
The distributorship agreements and disagreements in oil market
The bargain and sale agreements in relation to Turbine and so on. energy equipment
The agreements that are formed in relation to the electricity trade
The financing of energy projects
The agreements and disagreements in relation to the production and trade of Renewable energy
The agreements in relation to energy efficiency
The disagreements in relation to unfair competition in the energy market
The international disagreements in energy market.

Not only in cases of disagreement, we also take your side as Eksioglu Law Office with our consulting services in order to inform about energy market developments and new business opportunities and to inform about the new conditions requiring of changing legislation.