Türkçe İngilizce

We evaluate the conflict and disputes issues in a wide range. Our first and most important principle is to inform our client at every stage of the legal process in a timely manner. Our approach for taking the initiative and close relations with our clients makes differentiate us in terms of credibility. By means of our wide client portfolio on national and international arena, we have a more conscious structure on international conflict issues. In addition to this, we are cooperating with the law offices abroad in order to address the needs of our clients in the most satisfactory way.

In recent years, as we also work more intensively on, arbitration institution plays a predominant role in conflict resolution. By means of our experience on national and international arena, we possess the capability of representing our clients.

Our office carries out the resolution of public and legal conflicts, and execution and proceedings of arbitration awards on national and international scale. In addition to this, the economic losses due to trade conflicts and incongruence to contracts, insolvency issues are as well solved.